Stepping into the Future: Early childhood education as the foundation for a healthy social life

  • Editorial: Editorial Rudolf Steiner / IASWECE internacional 
  • Año2019
  • Páginas: 142 
  • Medidas: 15 x 21 cm
  • ISBN: : 978-84-92843-855

Published to honor 100 years since the founding of Waldorf Education, this book takes a deeper look at how Waldorf education contributes to a better human future. 

Featured work: "The Laws of Childhood" by Helmut von Kügelgen - "The Transformation of Walking, Speaking and Thinking into Higher Forces" by Hermann Poppelbaum - "Giving Love, Being Loved" by Renate Long-Breipohl - "Building capacities for our human social future in the first three years" by Susan Weber - "From the trans-substantiation of touch to the compassion of a sense-of-the-other" by Michaël Merle - "Four forms of warmth in daily life" by Edmond Schoorel - "Autonomy in Learning" by Claudia Grah-Wittich - "Family Culture" by Christoph Meinecke and Cristina Meinecke - "The benefits of outdoor life and play in a kindergarten" by Helle Heckmann - "Discovering the Child after Childhood" by Florian Osswald - "Education of the will as the wellspring of Morality" by Michaela Glöckler

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